Jump! Jump! Jump!

An interactive trampoline as a gift to kids on the night of Elvelungs festival in Oslo

Group project: Collaborated with Max, Nils, Maria and Chia Han, I was engaged in almost every part of the project.

A given task: Create an interactive installation for the visitors' entertainment on the festival  

Oct.2019, 2 weeks.

The story

When we had an idea of interactive trampoline after brainstorming, all of us agreed that was a brilliant idea and decided to go for that. No child will say no to a lovely trampoline, will he?

Then we tried different interactive visuals to make the trampoline more attractive and engaging. A UNO board with a distance sensor played an important role on triggering the visual and acoustic feedback.

In the process I learnt how to implement the interactive visual with Unity, which was a little bit complicated. But things got more interesting when we found sweet interactions could be also created with simple software such as keynote, with which, as you see in the video, the dot graphic was made. So I realised that creative ideas sometimes was more important than technical means.


Thank you for making it here! 🤠

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