It is a virtual building mainly for the elderly storing memories, looking back to their lives, strolling with close friends and sharing stories.


Individual project.

Jan. 2020, 3weeks.



01. Physical and digital public space 

The first picture shows that a group of old ladies are joggling on a motorway instead of a sidewalk due to a lack of public space for exercise.

The right one is a screenshot from a designer’s personal website. He presents his resume through a virtual game, which is eye-catching.


02. A combined place

So I thought that people in a near future can exercise together in a virtual world to enable them to get rid of constraints from physical space.

03. User research & build a future scenario 

Through research, I found a large portion of the elderly prefer social activities to dispel loneliness. Activities such as daily gossip, story and experience sharing and some mild exercise are among their favourites.

Then I imagined that implant chips are possibly to get popular in the future for helping them record and store daily things easily as memory.

The stored data was handy so that we can take it out, present and share it conveniently and vividly.

04. Comparative study

Then I found an episode of BlackMirror having almost the same ideas. However, it was a tragedy describing that how being able to remember and replay everything with the implant chip destroys a normal individuals' life step by step.

memory archive~.jpg

05. Concept redefination & design

So I tended to have a scenario of lower tech than that, where we use some external micro lens rather than implanted technology. And by using that, users are suggested to merely capture fantastic moments and memorable things or works, to store them in a virtual building, where they can hang out with friends and watch their life playback to experience the happiness again.

I call it a memory archive. It grows like an annual ring, but formed by numerous doors that lead to different moments to our lives or to our personal galleries. The doors, of course, we can choose to share or keep the access. Between doors there are pathways for walking and jogging together. 

06. Build sketches

  • 3D-scanning testing

  • 3D-scanning objects in Unity

  • play with panoramic video in Unity

  • ​Modeling and dealing with material

  • Test with VR equipment


Final delivery

Thank you for making it here 🤝

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